Change is inevitable…yet scary, so how shall we handle it?

In light of the Presidential Inauguration yesterday my first real website Blog to you feels like a very serious one. There is so much reaction to the new US President (even here in Canada and the whole world!). My heart goes out to everyone who is feeling scared, angry, sad, etc.

FYI, I am writing this Blog as an American who lives in Canada. I was truly shocked when Trump won the election. I woke up at 4 am and was blown away! Yet after my initial shock and disbelief, I began feeling very curious about it. This is such an extreme choice for a leader, it is bound to shake up this world!  I wonder what will come of it.

One thing I know is it gives us an opportunity to “practice what we preach” in regards to love, forgiveness, trust, faith, and being mindful of our judgements (both good and bad). Just yesterday I sat with a group of educated people who were expressing a lot of negative emotions about Trump. I was actually afraid to speak up in any way. They seemed quite attached to their perspective. So I was a silent witness to this, and my own discomfort. I do not want to condemn my colleagues for their attitudes, and so I work to pay attention to my own inner dialogue about everything that the situation brought up for me.

I really love the practice of Projection, where we notice when any strong feelings and judgements come up inside of us, then pause and ask, “how am I like this?”. Because if I look I can surely find it. I can judge people for condemning a politician, because it makes me really uncomfortable, but if I look at another situation, I can find anger, fear, and condemnation within myself towards others. Like last night, driving on the highway in the rain, in the dark, I was feeling a bit anxious because I could not always see that well. Then a driver in a pick-up truck decided to sit right on my tail. And he was on my tail for a long time, so I eventually moved over. I told myself that he did not have to drive like this because the other lane was completely clear. He could have easily passed me but did not. I had a few choice words for “him” in my head and under my breath. He scared me!

Well, I guess we can all have a few choice words for Trump because HE SCARES US!

I think we really get to look at ourselves in a deeper way if we choose to. I really appreciate Russell Brand’s video post about Trump and Brexit. I suggest having a look. I posted it on my personal Facebook page (and I will try to include it here). His message is that “this change had to happen” because the current system was not serving us. I was a huge Obama fan but so many people criticized him too! Why? Fear I guess… We want change but we find fault with the efforts of others. (I imagine some people reading this will be critical of me and not understand my sincere intention to help!)

In his video, Brand gives a quote something like this, “What’s the point of getting rid of nuclear weapons if we still have the mindset of war?” That is SO true. We are all connected, we are all one, and we all can work to shift our mindset!

It makes me think of a Neal Donald Walsh quote from his book “Conversations with God”. He says, “On this day of your life, dear friend, I believe God wants you to know…that you cannot hope to solve any problem using the same energy that created the problem. Whether it’s the endless wars in the world or the unending quarrels and fighting in your own home, the problem is the same: conflicting energy. If you want to change the outcome, change the energy. The extraordinary aspect of this solution is that you do not have to wait for the other party in order to do it.”

So although I am not out demonstrating, I can support those who are. I do not think it can change who we elected for President, but maybe it can help us Globally release Fear and Anger! So I can send out Gratitude to all those who ARE demonstrating.

So with this Blog entry, I am personally sending out vibes of support to EVERYONE as we all live through these changing times! Yes, even Trump and his family!

Smiles and Chuckles and Love to all…thanks for reading,

Stacy Bremner, MA, RP (citizen of the world)

And PS I promise my future Blogs will be shorter!

(If you would like great resource for Projection try Debbie Ford’s book “Dark Side of the Light Chasers”)

(If you would like a lovely introduction to A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and how to come from Love versus Fear, try “A Return to Love ” a book by Marianne Williamson.)