Groups and Workshops


There can be a unique dynamic when people get together for a common purpose. The group experience is a wonderful way to share and connect with others and provide support for individuals choosing to challenge their own limitations.

When I offer groups, I employ my skills to make them an energetic, motivating experience while providing the empathy, safety and support needed.

I enjoy providing a variety of activities so that group members can learn through first hand experiences.

My groups provide special opportunities for:

  • Discussion and exploration of specific topics
  • Healing through shared experience and peer support
  • Personal insights and growth

Past titles have included:

  • Living With Angels I and II
  • An introduction to The Tree of Life.
  • “Couplehood as a Spiritual Path”
  • “The Artist’s Way“ by Julia Cameron
  • “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay
  • “Getting the Love You Want” & “Keeping the Love You Find” by Harville Hendrix & Helen LaKelly Hunt


I offer “Getting the Love You Want” Couples Weekends several times a year. The next sessions are in February and April of 2017. Visit the Couples Weekends page for more information, or to register.