Discover Your Sexual Blueprint

Sex is More Complicated Than We Think!

We assume sex should be easy or that sex is natural, but in truth there is a lot to learn about sex and sexuality, about our self, and about our partner(s).

We can end up having a sexual power struggle just like having arguments and misunderstandings about any other topics like household chores, parenting, money, leisure time, etc.
And that can cause a heartbreaking disconnection.

What does she want in bed?
What about tomorrow?
Are they well matched sexually? And next year?
Do these two partners want the same things in bed today?

If we want to stay connected, argue less, and create a mutually fulfilling sexual relationship with a partner, we need to educate ourselves, and learn to talk about pleasure, since a great sexual connection doesn’t just happen!

Increase Your Pleasure and Connection With Your Partner:

Every couple has times when they “miss” each other or disagree, and of course we want to resolve these misunderstandings or reduce the frequency of feeling let down or frustrated. We want to increase pleasure and connection. After all sex is not just for procreation.

Have you read about the 5 Love Languages put forth by author Gary Chapman (i.e. Quality time, Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, & Gifts)? The idea is that you find out what helps your partner feel loved and purposely do those things. And vice versa, where your partner learns to love you in your particular love languages. It is very wise indeed because your efforts to give love will hit the mark instead of missing it.
Yet, we are even more complex than this!

What’s Your Sexual Blueprint?

If we focus in on our sexuality, we can break that down too, into 5 Sexual Types, and we can learn our unique sexual language, or as Jaiya, and her husband Ian, call it; our “Sexual Blueprint”.
There is a quiz to help you find out if you are primarily: Sexual, Energetic, Shapeshifter, Sensual, or Kinky

It provides a great place to begin a deeper understanding of self and partner, start important conversations and ultimately heal the ruptures so you can have fun more together! And you do not have to be the same type, to have fun. (In addition to the quiz they offer reports that have recently been updated to include the sexual stages (see below), sexual types, and the benefits and shadow sides of each.)

Click here to take the free quiz.

What is Your Current Sexual Stage?

Now that you have more insight into your Sexual Blueprint, let’s look at another complexity: the 5 Stages of Sexuality. Since we are constantly in motion throughout our lives, there are reasons for being in any one of them, and each one has value. At the current time, would you say that you are in a Resting, Healing, Curious, Adventurous, or Transformational Stage when it comes to sex? What about your partner(s)? If this sounds interesting, Click here to read a blog by Miss Jaiya that describes the “5 Stages of Sexuality”. It also includes a simple quiz in case you are unsure and need some clarity.

The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course

Now if you are feeling curious and motivated to learn how to expand your world, Miss Jaiya also offers an online course. Click here to watch a video and sign up. ***Just a warning that the video is tasteful and yet somewhat explicit with the demos.

Click here to access the video and online course.

Why am I including all this on my website? Because I care about educating couples in all areas of relationship. And I love sharing great resources. The days are gone when all we had access to was a book! Now we have blogs, podcasts, webinars, and TEDx, in addition to great books. Feel free to look at my Recommended Reading page for more of my freshly updated list of favorites.